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Heating and Lighting


In addition to our great lineup of barbecues and accessories is the best way to heat up your outdoor space all year round. Help create an comfortable space for you and your guests with TANSUN infared outdoor heating equipment.



Why use infared?

Weatherproof   -   Suitable for All Seasons.
Versatile   -   Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use.
Easy to Install   -   Includes Mounting Bracket.
Economical   -   Efficient; Instant Heat.



Made in England by TANSUN ltd! Leader in infrared heating already in '30 Because they are equipped with the best lamps in the industry Phillips HeLeN gold, with life up to 7000 hours and reflector of infrared rays produced by professionals who do only this type heaters. Reflectors are crucial for the effectiveness of infrared devices! The instruments of Tansun ltd. already have and the new "golden" reflector, letting more heat and less light. Some models are water resistant (IP 24) and perfectly suited for heating or outdoor gardens.


Technology shortwave-infrared heating supplies comfortable heat by pressing one button and is the only effective way to heat outdoors. High-frequency heat passes through the air, warming the person, not the space. This unique version of the heating is incredibly economical, highly effective and with immediate effect, especially when you have a supply of heat in the open and difficult to heat rooms. There is no starting time for actuating the heating and heat loss due to air currents, or due to the fact that the air with a higher temperature rises. It is worth noting that the shortwave-infrared heating is harmless and has nothing to do with microwave ovens.

Treat you and your guests to a cozy, warm fire on your balcony or terrace with an award winning gas powered patio fireplace from Napoleon. These high quality tables are a delight to the eye and radiate a gentle warmth. Propane/Butane.

The original German made Petromax lanterns. Pressure lamps equal to 400 watt bulb or the classic "Feurhand hurricane" lamps.

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