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All barbecues and products we offer have all the necessary certificates for use in the EU and Bulgaria. Guarantees offered by manufacturers are executed here in Bulgaria!


Our mission at Great Western Barbecue is to find the best barbecues available on the European market and to deliver them here for you. We travel to the biggest shows in Europe and personally inspect the quality of products and companies. We are confident that we have found the best of the best and we are proud to make it available.

Charcoal Barbecues
(wood and wood pellets)

From barbecue giants like Weber,

Broil King and Napoleon to charcoal specialists like Primo, we only carry the best charcoal grill barbecues available.


Take the traditional smokey and tender flavour of charcoal barbecues home with you and see the difference for yourself!



Gas Barbecues

The gas barbecue is the most popular way to grill. And with so much variety, we have barbecues in all different  sizes to satisfy your grilling needs.


Gas barbecues can come with rotisseries, side burners, and even built-in smokers. We carry both Prropane Butane and Natural Gas models. Visit the e-store to see them all!

Along with our selection of charcoal barbecues, we go beyond to offer electric, gas and wood-chip fueled smokers as well.


Have a look at the large Bradley smoker system, the traditional Fornetto smoker, the Pro Q Cold Smoker and many more options at the e-shop.


Looking for something to take with you on the go? Or maybe something you can store easily? Portable barbecues are the perfect lightweight solution for you.


With plenty of options including propane, charcoal, plancha, electric and more, we have it all. Check out the e-shop for more!

Portable Barbecues

Built-in barbecues make the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen or patio. With a variety of options, you can choose to install your favourite grill head into your own countertop, or purchase an entire setup from our selection.


Check out the e-shop for more details!

Built-In Barbecues
Electric Barbecues


For those in need of an electric powered barbecue we have high quality options for you too!


Check out the e-shop for more details!

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