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"Great Western Barbecue" is proud to be your Bulgarian representative for some of the best barbecues from around the world. The brands and products in our store are carefully selected to offer a variety of models and excellent results for your outdoor cooking.
Check the websites of the companies below to learn more about the brands that we have to offer ..,

Weber Grills Bulgaria

Undeniably, Weber is the the most iconic brand of barbecues in the world. This brand is synonymous with quality and has a reputation for superior performance and long life. Their story began back in 1951 They dominate the market for barbecues.

Broil King Barbecues Bulgaria

High-quality universal gas barbecue for everyday use. Made in Canada or the US depending on the model. They are consistently ranked in the top ten of their class with  Napoleon and Weber. They also have a couple of unique charcoal grills!

American Barbecues Bulgaria

Built in or on cart, high end SS gas and charcoal grills made in California. These are considered by the trade to be the finest made barbecues in the world.


For those that prefer traditional charcoal grills. These units are heavier steel than most competitors and have cast iron grids.


Grill Smokers Bulgaria

"Smoker" specialists who feature a classic "Bullet" style charcoal smokers, cold smoke generators and a commercial size charcoal cart smoker. They have a size to suit your needs.

Yoder Smokers Bulgaria

Made in the USA Yoder is the gold standard for offset smokers and pellet grills. Heavy steel construction with large capacity make these ideal for the serious enthusiast or garden restaurant.


Since the creation of the Petromax lantern in 1910 in Germany, Petromax has continued to provide the highest quality products synonymous with the name.


Since the original lamps Petromax has expanded its range to include outdoor cooking. Whether on a campfire, charcoal or grill: With their high-quality products for outdoor cooking, preparing food in the open air will turn out to be a culinary experience. From grills and cooking areas to Dutch ovens and fire skillets, along with diverse accessories, Petromax offers everything that is needed for cooking outdoors.

Napoleon Grills Buglaria

One of the best twelve managed companies in Canada for 2015, they have been manufacturing barbeques more than 30 years. Always placed in the top ten for quality and performance, they offer some features not available in other brands.

Kamado Grills Bulgaria

Ceramic charcoal grills are coveted for their ability to cook low and slow keeping exact temperature control, producing superior results using little charcoal. Primo is the only American made ceramic grill and the only one available in an oval design which allows for more versatility Clients who have bought this unit rave about it.


Kamado Joe Bulgaria

Well constructed and loaded with accessories this ceramic round kamado style grill and smoker has an outstanding reputation. We stock with the optional stainless steel trim

bull grills logo.jpg

Made in the USA, Bull Barbecues are a premium grill line with cart models, built in models and pizza ovens. Coming soon

Made in France this is a beautiful high end griddle that sears food to perfection. This type of outdoor cooking is most popular in France and Spain but is quickly catching on elsewhere.


Really good functionality and durabilty with a space saving design. If you like kettle grills (like I do), you can't go wrong with these. Because of their unique funnel design they are especially great for meats, etc., with a lot of grease... like Bulgarian meats!


For Accessories, Grids and Others go here

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