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Our best Greek Holiday Spot

I often end up talking with people about there vacations, where they are going and why they like it there. Many in Bulgaria like to take a trip to Greece and I see a good number go to the Halkidiki area. It is beautiful and close.

I am a bit of an off the track kind of guy. I have gone for the last number of years to Thassos and stay in a village called Skala Marion. Why there?



1. Not as crowded

2. The sand beach near Dimitrius' Airbnb is one of the best with fine sand and calm, clear water.

3. The Airbnb is really nice and has another apartment next door so we can book together with friends. It has a great relaxation garden as well. It directly looks over the beach and cove so the views are great and the beach is super close

4. The people in Skala Marion are welcoming and friendly

5. Skala Marion has two of the best restaurants on Thassos. When I want a change I go to Leminarus just a few kilometers away...where more touristy but also nice.

Dimi and family are super accommodating, speak English, Bulgarian (I think French) and of course Greek.

6. They have a gas Barbecue in the garden :-)

I will go again this year. It suits my need to relax and unstress.



Highly recommended

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Quality Barbecues English
Барбекюта Български
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